Which Gods and Goddesses did they pray to?

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To learn about Hapi have a look at this site! http://news.egyptianmyths.net/hapi.htm

Osiris was the king of Egypt but his evil brother Seth was jealous of Osiris so he cut his brother into fourteen pieces , His younger sister Isis who was also his wife was so sad, The god of learning and the god Anubis came to Isis , The gods used all their power to make Osiris come alive but the power didn't bring Osiris back to life but instead Osiris became god of the underworld.

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Horus was Isis and Osiris son. He became the king after his father's death, He has a main temple in Edfu

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Bes was the god of protecting families.He did not have a temple of his own but people still pray to him.