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Once upon a time, there was a girl called Mary. One day after school she was sitting on her bed and reading a fairy tale book. She was about to get to the most exiting page in the book, when her mother called her to have dinner. While she was having dinner, she remembered that her teacher Mr Ben had given every body in the class a letter to their parents. She told her mum that Mr Ben has a letter for her.
Mary walked away to get the letter for her mum.. When she opened the letter she gasped
“Oh Mary don’t you want to go, it sounds fun !’’ Mary asked her mum “what is it about mum?” Her mother told her that the letter was asking if Mary wanted to come for a field trip to a haunted house .That letter had a space for the parents to sign. Her mother asked her whether she wanted to come. Mary answer in a delighted voice saying of course so her mum sign her signature.
The next morning, Mary gave her teacher the return permission to go to the haunted house also other students gave Mr Ben the letter. That after noon, Mr Ben told us who we were going to sleep with. “I am going to sleep with my best friends, Mee-me and Christine.” Mary thought. He also told us the schedule about what we were going to do there.
“We will stay there for two days ''said Mr. Ben. “The schedule has scary adventures. We were going there in 2 more days.” Mr. Ben said mysteriously. Mary was sooo excited that she would go to a haunted house and stay there by her own with her friends and teachers
The big day arrived , Parents were waving and crying.
Children were holding big bags and some had a back pack full of delicious food inside.
At 7o’clock on the dot, the bus drove off. Nobody in Mary’s class had ever been in the field trip before except Mary. This was her second time of her field trip.
When they reached the haunted house, the teachers disappeared. The children were scared because there were spooky sounds and the pictures could move. The ghost turned into zombies the queen and kings of ghost came to the children and said in a deep voice saying,
“If you want your teachers back, you need to find your way up to the church and get the golden pearl. Come down and give it to us then we would let your teachers free.”
“But if you don’t you will get eaten by the hungry zombies.”
The queen of ghost led us to the path way of the church she said the ladder will disappear when we step on it. We climbed up to the church and found lots of ghost. They almost killed us. We battled with the powerful one who turned the church door into an edge of the mountain. The ghosts fought us to the mountain. We almost died. My hand was on the grip. I almost fell but at last I won. We had killed all the ghosts that we grabbed.
The pearl and gave it to the queen of ghost.
The queen led us to where she put the teachers. The queen gave every body a key chain so they could remember about how they fought the ghost . The queen became friends with Mary and her class mates and told her she could come and visit the Haunted House any time. After we had the talk we told the queen of ghost that we had to leave. When we got back nobody talked about the trip.