​Rocks and Soils

What is quartz?
Quartz is a type of crystal. Here is a picture:
Picture from www.mineralminers.com/images/phantom-quartz/polx/phqp178.jpg
Picture from www.mineralminers.com/images/phantom-quartz/polx/phqp178.jpg

Which diamond is the most expensive diamond

Why are gems rare?
Because we are taking them from caves and from inside rocks.

Because it is hard to find and it takes a long time to grow.(Punn 3w)
Is soil a liquid?

How are rocks made?

What is soil made of?

How is soil made?

Are gems and diamonds the same?
Diamonds are a kind of gem but there are other types of gems, these are the names: emerald, rubies, sapphires, pearls.

Are all gems made from rock?
Some gems are made from minerals, but some are made by animals, like the pearl which is made by the oyster.

What makes rock break up into bits to make sand?

Can you cut a gem?
Yes you can with a diamond.

How is water made?
Mix hydrogen and oxygen together and it makes water.

What is the difference between sand and soil?